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  • Professor Xande is a hall of fame member in the sport of Jiujitsu and one of the greatest ever. However, he is an even more talented teacher. As a student, it is awe inspiring to see how much joy he gets when I pick up a concept he is trying to explain. His style is perfect for beginners or advanced students because it is so concept focused rather than just a series of moves. It works for exercise, sport, or self defense.

  • Always a great experience learning from Sensei Xande! The atmosphere is very positive and promotes a great learning environment. Although he is the most accomplished competitor in the sport of Jiu Jitsu the details, concepts, and techniques he teach help all levels of Jiu Jitsu and I have found them easy to immediately incorporate into my game and my teaching. Amazing academy with an amazing vibe.. there is something for everyone here!!

  • Y’all are lucky to have such an amazing professor to open a gym in Austin. Xande is amazing at jiu jitsu his knowledge is incredible. If you are interested in learning jiu jitsu I highly recommend going to this gym.

  • Xande Ribeiro is one of an Elite Group of Jiu Jitsu Players who has the ability to combine the Classic Essential Jiu Jitsu with the latest and greatest techniques that are always presenting themselves in an art that evolves daily. His Jiu Jitsu is timeless and is constantly evolving, bringing you a complete form of Jiu Jitsu that would be hard to replicate by any Professor out there today. Xande is a complete Jiu Jitsu fighter who has the special ability to combine outstanding stand up complemented by one of the best ground games in the sport. Austin Is lucky to have him setting up shop!!!

  • Xande is a subject matter expert in the field of BJJ. His dedication, patience, and no-nonsense teaching method connects with every student from beginner to advanced. As a hesitant beginner I always felt welcomed and encouraged. My kids love it! The class structure keeps them engaged, teaches them respect, confidence, discipline, self-control all while having fun! Highly Recommend!!